“As a cancer survivor, I joined the 80 million proud folks who wear Livestrong bracelets. Years into my recovery, however, I realized something: I have more to share beyond my identity as a survivor. I have many passions—to perfect my fly-fishing cast, inspire kids in the classroom (and beyond!), and spend time connecting with my friends and family.

During my time as an elementary teacher, I saw firsthand that young students need outlets to express their diverse passions and personalities. This turned out to be my “Ah ha!” moment. Why not create an interactive opportunity for kids to reveal their individuality?

Wrap –n– Snaps are simple bracelets, and also something more. They are one-of-a-kind statements of self.”

Sam LaCasse

Why we love turtles

When I kayak around a lake in my home state of Maine, I always hope to spot a painted turtle. They may be small, but their colors are bold. Hold up your finger. Each painted turtle shell is as unique as your own fingerprint. Pretty cool, right? Whether they are striped with orange, red, or yellow, a painted turtle shows its own true colors.

You might be a soccer star, a reader, a big sister, a puppy owner. Every shade of you is special. Be proud. Be bright. Show your passions to the world.

Like the painted turtle, today is the day to poke your head out of your shell and snap into your personality!

Our Team

Wrap -n- Snaps CEO and Founder with Director of Sales

The family behind Wrap -n- Snaps. Sam LaCasse, CEO and Founder of Wrap -n- Snaps, with Nicole Rue, Director of Sales at Wrap -n- Snaps