Snap into Action

Throughout the United States, education funding has declined. A recent study suggests that, “Schools across the country are turning to parents to offset years of budget shortfall.” As a former teacher, I experienced the educational budget crunch firsthand and that’s why raising awareness and donating to education is central to our business. Wrap -n- Snaps recognizes the incredible need for educational funding and the importance of investing in our youth.

We resolve to Snap into Action by donating a portion of our profit to children’s foundations that champion learning.

Wrap -n- Snaps can be used as educational tools, and schools are eligible for a discount on all our products. Currently, Wrap –n– Snaps partners with The Jackson Hole Children’s Museum and contributes 1% of our profits to their mission of providing a space for kids to play, create, explore and discover. Contact us so your foundation can be a part of our “Snap into Action” program.