Our CEO, Samuel LaCasse, founded Wrap –n– Snaps after spending years in the classroom as an educator. Wrap –n– Snaps is a learning tool and promotes positivity in school environments. In fact, we designed our products with teacher and student input. Wrap –n– Snaps have been designed to work as a fidgeting aid as well as a positive motivational tool. 

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Donating to education and health

Being that the CEO of Wrap-n-Snaps LLC is a cancer survivor and a former elementary teacher a core value of Wrap-n-Snaps is to support local causes in the health and education sectors. By creating partnerships with local and global foundations, Wrap-n-Snaps will provide snaps for specific causes to help create awareness and our company will donate 5% of the profits to the cause. Before entering a partnership with foundations we will have a clear understanding of how the communities you both impact will be improved because of the partnership, each organization’s objectives and metrics, available resources and assets and the timeline.

Wrap-n-Snaps will also partner with companies like Charity Watch and Give.org in order to monitor, measure and report on the effectiveness of raising awareness and donations for specific causes.

Teachers Agree

  • Ruth Crowell, M.A. School Psychologist-Specialist

    Wrap –n– snaps offer an exciting alternative to the traditional behavioral sticker chart. The physical presence of the bracelet enhances student awareness, increasing their motivation to earn the enticing snaps.
  • Patty Talley, M.A. School Principal

    My school was surveyed to sample bracelets as classroom aides. The teachers couldn’t believe how excited and eager the kids were to earn and collect snaps.
  • Tara DiVencinzo, Elementary School Teacher

    I can see Wrap –n– Snaps being a very useful and effective fidgeting tool for students.

We Can Help Your School

If your school wishes to use the Wrap –n– Snaps products as a positive motivational tool, we will offer bracelets and snaps at a discounted price.


Contact us today to see how we can help your school.

Student Charts

Please click on the black and white or color version of the charts to download the PDF documents.

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