Wrap –n– Snaps make excellent stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts. Snap to it and beat the reindeer today!

Fashion your passions

Snap into your personality with Wrap –n– Snaps’ customized children’s bracelets. Our silicone wristbands and diverse snap designs allow kids to wear their passions on their sleeves! Wrap -n- Snaps make for excellent birthday presents, party favors and collectibles. They also make great awareness and campaign statements for causes, schools and more.


Our bracelets offer diverse applications ranging from education, to causes, and just plain fun! We believe bringing our community together through Wrap –n– Snaps makes the world a better, and a more EXCITING place.

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ABOUT Wrap –n– Snaps

As a cancer survivor, I joined the 80 million proud folks who wear Livestrong bracelets. Years into my recovery, however, I realized something: I have more to share beyond my identity as a survivor. I have many passions—to perfect my fly-fishing cast, inspire kids in the classroom (and beyond!), and spend time connecting with my friends and family.


During my time as an elementary teacher, I saw firsthand that young students need outlets to express their diverse passions and personalities. This turned out to be my “Ah ha!” moment. Why not create an interactive opportunity for kids to reveal their individuality?

Wrap –n– Snaps are simple bracelets, and also something more. They are one-of-a-kind statements of self.

Sam LaCasse

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As an educator and cancer survivor, our CEO built Wrap –n– Snaps on a solid foundation of giving back to local and global causes. We are excited to partner with specific campaigns of your choosing to create awareness, donating a portion of our profit to the causes you select. Please get in touch with us to learn more and see if Wrap –n– Snaps is the right partner for your cause.

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We resolve to Snap into Action by donating a portion of our profit to children’s foundations that champion learning.

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